Thermostable 2.4952 and 2.4632 superalloys

from Stainless Früchtl for highest performance

When the heat is on: our high-performance alloys for turbochargers!

Our material also holds its own in the hot zones of combustion engines!

Our thermostable high-performance alloys are needed so that turbochargers can continue their triumphant advance in engine management. Because when temperatures of up to 1,100° C and more prevail, and mechanical stresses due to speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm, reliability is called for. Valve covers in the engine compartment are just as demanding.

So when things get hot and rough, you’re on the safe side with the high-performance alloys from STAINLESS FRÜCHTL in Esslingen. We supply you quickly, reliably and on schedule with material numbers 2.4952 or 2.4632, among others. You can also obtain other heat-resistant, tensile stainless steel grades that are extremely scale-resistant and highly creep-resistant in oxidizing environments, e.g. 1.4845.

Especially in turbochargers of modern engines, rapidly and strongly cyclically changing temperatures prevail. In such harsh and hot environments, the material 2.4952 performs particularly well. With its scale resistance up to around 1000°C and its resistance to oxidation, it can also show its fatigue strength to good effect under extreme conditions.

Because: We want you to always get the right material for your applications.

In addition: We are interested in close partnerships with a long service life.

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