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Stainless Früchtl has special stainless steel like 1.4542 for them

Stainless steel outside the ordinary – delivered safely and reliably for you!

With us you can also get special stainless steel grades – such as warp-free hardenable!

When it becomes very special with your need for exceptional stainless steel grades and alloys, we do NOT send you away. We also accompany you with advice and action for special questions and requirements – and with available stainless steel grades. For example, you can also obtain stainless steel with the material number 1.4542 FRÜCHTL-STRATOS® from us. This material can be processed excellently due to its mechanical properties and still has a corrosion resistance comparable to V2A/1.4301. Our FRÜCHTL-STRATOS® is of special quality in its structure and composition.

Strengths of over 1400 N/mm² or at least 40 HRC are possible via ageing. A very appreciated combination of properties. Due to these advantages, the FRÜCHTL-STRATOS® quality proves to be the better alternative to conventional austenitic stainless steels in many applications. The 1.4542 FRÜCHTL-STRATOS® can be hardened almost without distortion, and expensive reworking is reduced to a minimum or eliminated completely. The combination of these features gives FRÜCHTL-STRATOS® quality access to a wide range of applications, such as medical technology, petrochemicals, pump construction, mechanical engineering and measuring and weighing technology.

Furthermore, we also supply the austenitic implant steel 1.4441 ASTM F138 in a completely non-magnetic design. Our long-standing and satisfied customers use this steel to manufacture, among other things, medical screws for fixing implants or implants according to ISO 5832-3.

Because: We also supply you with very special stainless steel grades and alloys of rare material numbers.

In addition: we want you to be successful in your field – whatever you make from our stainless steel.

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Do not despair in your search for special stainless steels – we are here for you!

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