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Die Metallurgie-Experten von Stainless beraten Sie gerne umfassend.
  • Are there still corrosion problems with surgical instruments today?

    The surgical instruments available today are made of stainless steel, an ideal material in many respects. They are rust-resistant, can be sharpened and maintain a sharp edge.
    In addition to the manufacturer’s efforts to select the best steels for the instruments, the user is advised to follow the instructions regarding maintenance, handling and use. Stainless steel instruments are passivated. The passivation process ensures that the surface of the instrument is permanently covered with a protective layer of chromium oxide, thus preventing any corrosion. Since passivation plays an extremely important role, we would like to discuss it in more detail.
    When the instrument comes into contact with the ambient air or certain oxidising agents, a thin protective film forms on the clean surface of the instrument, which is called a protective passivation layer.


  • Alloy M30NW is recommended for surgical implants with high requirements.

    – Very high degree of purity
    – High grain homogeneity
    – Fatigue resistance
    – Strict amagnetism for MRI examinations without image deviation

    Recommended for:
    – Highly mobile hip prostheses
    – Very fine and elaborate screws