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Stainless steel that makes no compromises!

When stainless steel has to be uncompromisingly good, we are there for you!

There are areas of application in which high-performance stainless steel is required. This may be in terms of functions or safety, but also in terms of appearance and eternal durability. For example, stainless steel 1.4571 from STAINLESS FRÜCHTL in Esslingen is used in the brake linkage of a summer bobsleigh track in a leisure facility. Here, uncompromising safety and functionality are required. It is the same in professional sports, for example when rowers train on professional rowing machines. There, forces and loads act that go beyond the usual. Nothing can be allowed to fail.

In the sports and leisure sector, you as an equipment manufacturer are extremely challenged. Liability and compensation issues are always involved. So nothing must go wrong. Functionality and safety are the top priorities for sports and play equipment. Added to this are weather resistance and durability. These are the requirements that you can only meet with our high-quality

stainless steel grades and alloys. We at STAINLESS FRÜCHTL are at your side and will be happy to supply you reliably and on time with stainless steel grades and alloys of material numbers 1.4112, 1.4057, 1.4021 or 1.4542. You don’t have to compromise on titanium either, from 3.7035 to 3.7165 – we’ll be happy to help.

In the same way, many swimming pool owners expect stainless steel components such as grab rails, entry steps but also screws for covers, as used in hot tubs, not to corrode. That is why we at STAINLESS FRÜCHTL supply stainless steel grades 1.4404 or 1.4539 to swimming pool builders and whirlpool manufacturers very reliably and on schedule.

We at STAINLESS FRÜCHTL operate in the absolute high-end range when we are called in as a partner for the construction of ships and yachts. Here, the stainless steel used must prove its beauty, purity and durability without compromise. In ship and yacht building, however, it is also extremely important to use stainless steel grades and alloys that can withstand the aggressive marine climate and are permanently resistant to corrosion – no excuses are accepted here.

The range of applications for stainless steel in shipbuilding and luxury yachts is very broad and varied. These can be, for example, functional parts such as boat fittings, railings or water tanks, as well as anchor bags, bathing ladders or handrails and handholds. Of course, stainless steel is also used for decorative elements, such as trim, cladding or pushbuttons, as well as lights, furniture and lettering. We at STAINLESS FRÜCHTL in Esslingen also supply the stainless steel grades and alloys already mentioned with material numbers 1.4404, 1.4410 or 1.4529, 1.4539 but also 1.4301 or 1.4305.

We will be pleased to assist you with our expertise.

With our expertise of more than 50 years, we are at your side to advise you.

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And if it should not be a yacht, we provide you with grades of these material numbers