1.4404 – X2CrNiMo17-12-2 – AISI / SAE 316L


Grade 1.4404 or 316L is an austenitic stainless steel type AISI 316 which has very good corrosion resistance due to its high chromium and molybdenum content combined with a low carbon content. Its strength in the hardened condition is around 600 MPa for large diameters but can be increased by cold working for small sections.

Stainless has a number of qualified sources in stock as well as different sizes or tempers of the product to suit your processing requirements. This product can also be custom made or cut into slabs by our service centres.

Main applications

Among the many applications are products for the mechanical, chemical, oil, watchmaking, food and beverage and medical industries for the instrumentation part.

The material is available in annealed temper condition for large diameters or cold worked temper for small sections.


The grade is generally air workemelted (EAF) followed by AOD for decarburisation. The microstructure is made up of austenitic grains with carbides dissolution in order to resist intergranular corrosion (see typical micrograph below in the annealed condition).

Legierung 1.4404 oder 316L - ASTM F899


The grade can be hot forged in the 1150/1200°C temperature range. Annealing should be carried out after forging to restore the microstructure (dissolution of carbides).

MIG, TIG or other welding techniques can be used. The filler metal should be type 316L.

Heat treatments
Annealing between 1050 and 1080°C followed by rapid quenching can be carried out after forging to restore corrosion resistance in particular, but no heat treatment can harden the grade.

Corrosion resistance

The grade is highly resistant to general and pitting corrosion due to its high molybdenum content combined with its low carbon content. The lower carbon content places it above a conventional 316 steel.

Standard Sizes

Round/flat bars annealed or cold worked depending on the diameter – peeled or ground surface
Cold-worked or annealed  sheets – Powders
Other formats: consult us