1.4028 - X30Cr13 - AISI 420B


The grade 1.4028 is a martensitic steel with good corrosion resistance in moderately aggressive media and high mechanical properties after hardening with a hardness of about 48HRC. It is usually produced in air (EAF+AOD).

Stainless has several sources and different formats or states of the product in stock, allowing you to best meet your processing requirements. This product can also be made to measure or cut into blanks by our service centres.

Main applications

Due to its corrosion resistance and its high hardness in the quenched and tempered condition, the grade is used in particular in the manufacture of instruments for medical technology or also for cutlery. The material is available in annealed condition, but also in QT condition (quenched and tempered).


The manufacturing processes in combination with the processing procedures make it possible to obtain a homogeneous microstructure. In the processed state, the microstructure consists of martensite and undissolved carbides :

1.4028 - X30Cr13 - AISI 420B


The grade can be hot forged in the temperature range 950/1180°C.

Grade polishable in the treated condition with a microstructure of martensite and carbides. Laser marking may introduce a reduction in corrosion resistance, especially when overheated.

Typical heat treatments
Quenched from 980°C, followed by tempering from 200°C, avoiding the 400-600°C range.

Corrosion resistance

The grade is highly resistant to general corrosion and also to pitting. Chlorinated solvents should be avoided. Titanium is also susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement, so it is important to limit any hydrogen input during heat treatment or chemical pickling processes.

Standard Sizes

Round bars in annealed condition or QT depending on diameter – surface work hardened or ground
Flat bars made to measure in annealed condition (please enquire)
Other formats: please enquire