24/06/2021 Stainless France

New: one step closer to our customers, stainless france provides technical training.

With over 90 years of expertise and consultancy in high performance metallic alloys for demanding sectors such as medical and aerospace, Stainless moves one step closer to its customers and provides metallurgy technical training.

Stainless has an activity declaration number (n°27250344925) allowing its customers to have their training costs covered by French professional training organisations.

The training is intended for a wide audience wanting to enrich its knowledge of metallic materials, manufacturing processes, treatments and properties.

STAINLESS can thus cover requests from the medical and watch-making industries, as well as those for copper alloys used in aerospace and micro-technology

The courses are given by an instructor who has a PhD in metallurgy and over 25 years of experience in the industry.


Institut de formation STAINLESS